Taking A Chance On Myself Transformation – Reinvention

Freedom, Security, Peace, Growth

Have you ever felt frustrated, irritated, disappointed and a whole bunch of other adjectives all at the same time?

Well I have had that unpleasant feeling for too long. And needed to do some investigating as to the source and what needed to be done. It basically revolved around life, insecurities and the dire need for perfectionism.

I had been letting life get in the way of my dreams, desires, passions, goals and so much more.

Spring in Ct - Things You don't See in FL 005

The long dreary road. Exactly how my spirit felt.

As for Life: Some things may or may not get better. I’ve been dealt some challenges that were overwhelming, which will be shared in an uplifting way in another post.

When I paused from life, I began to think about what was missing in my life. This is the time of year (originally written in Jan 2017) many create and plan new years resolutions, yet most fail.


When forsythia is in bloom, spring is certainly underway. It’s a time of rebirth, renewal and joy. A country road in Connecticut.

I can’t resolve anything until I took an honest look at my life.

When I did, I realized it was “JOY”. My life had become so routine and heavily stressed that I was sinking deeper and deeper into a dark place. Now It was imperative that I focus on me. On my future. What I wanted and needed to do with the years I have remaining.


The site and sound of of a running brook make me smile. I love the textures of nature. The shades of green. The moss on the rocks. I love to look at the pictures from back home in New England. They bring joy to my heart and smiles to my soul. I feel good. I feel happy. Looking into these pictures it’s the details that make this so special.

Antique Wagon Wheel

Just a wheel melded into nature – the perfect still life. Meandering down a path is relaxing. Listening to the sounds of nature, the breeze in your hair, the crunching under your feet. And then you discover a rusted and well used wagon wheel entwined in nature. (Sigh…)

Surely many can relate to putting family and loved ones first and at the end of the day, all you want to do is put your feet up and rest.

Ravens Thyme May 2010 077

Robin eggs – a sure sign of renewal

The question is, what happened to joy, how do I find it again. The more I focused on the things I loved – the ideas were like a waterfall, just flowing from my mind. It was wonderful!


Nothing like the smell of spring and the sound of rushing water. Somewhere in Connecticut.

Make this a great day and be blessed, Sheila