Hunting For The Perfect Chair

Did I Overpay?

Throughout the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve been stitching and accumulating a ton of finished products ready to be photographed.

Here’s the problem. I was in need of certain props for photography. Particularly a chair. I had the perfect spot ready to place it.

The criteria was :

  • It had to be old, aged in appearance
  • Preferably made of wood
  • It had to have some character

It was an early Wednesday morning when we set out to one of our favorite thrift stores.

As I entered the store there was a lady standing in line with my chair! It was a worn out captain’s chair. It took everything inside me to not yell out, “Hey Lady that’s MY CHAIR.”

Instead I pushed my way through the crowd, which was very unusual for when we’d been here before. Through the showroom I went. Past the used furniture (one glance and my chair wasn’t there). Past the bookcases and out the backdoor.

Now I was in the area of where the “junk” was. Also known as hidden treasures. In the distance I could see black wood. As I got closer, there were 2 chairs stacked together! I couldn’t believe my eyes, with original rush seats.


As fast as I saw them they were in my hands. But no price. I had a price in my head and another price to justify the purchase.

Finally I spotted a salesman and asked for the price. His reply was,”I gotta ask him” – pointing a finger toward a tall man who must have been the Boss. He was busy with another customer who was purchasing far more than my 2 little chairs. Oh how I tried to not look anxious.

Just then he held up 2 fingers. In my mind I’m doing the happy dance, thinking it was $2.00 each. It was $2.00 for the pair!!!

I headed to the register with my purchase slip. Wednesday was senior day(which explained the crowds), and for the first time ever I qualified getting a 25% discount.

So now the chairs cost $1.50, or .75 cents each!


Needless to say I’m delighted with these chairs. They are too small to show the accurate size of things, but work great in primitive vignettes.

A couple weeks later I came across the style I was originally looking for. This beauty cost a mere $15.00. Under the seat it is dated 1950 with the style.



All of the chairs make my heart sing.  Do you think I overpaid?


Size Comparing



Make this a great day and be blessed, Sheila