Pleasant Dreams, Peace and Joy!

In Need Of A Bedtime Story

It’s late. Sleep in inevitable, but before that can happen I’m in need of an unwind from the tasks and thoughts of this day.

What works best for me is enjoying the many fantastic contributors on my Pinterest group boards along with some soft praise music in the background.

As the curator of group boards it’s essential that from time to time I look them over for two reasons.

  • In appreciation and respect to the contributors as well as those who enjoy looking at the boards – I need to weed out anything not in conformity of the topic
  • The second is a bit selfish – I thoroughly enjoy the variety of what has inspired the contributors to add wonderful pins!

Tonight I viewed and cleaned up several boards. When I reached The Glow of  Primitive Candles and Fireplaces and Antiques and Vintage I found myself grinning ear to ear. Having grown up surrounded by antiques and enjoying them my adult life, I couldn’t help but smile.

So many people appreciate, value and surround their homes with these beauties.


When you can’t sleep at night, perhaps a visit to Pinterest and things dear to your heart will relax you and bring back pleasant memories of times gone by.

Here’s some new pictures to add to the boards.

Pleasant dreams, peace and joy!

Now to figure out the links to Pinterest so you can visit and enjoy these amazing boards, which have many contributors on them.


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