Starting A Blog Can Be A Little Intimidating

While learning about blogs and blogging, Something that stood out loud and clear to me was the type of blog I did and did not want to have.

Since i’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist, I kept looking and not doing. Here I find myself, raw and naked to the land of blogging. Not quite sure what I’m doing. But I do know it will improve and hopefully sooner than later I will figure it all out.

My hopes for this blog are to share my love for all things creative, patterns, designs and products I create, introduce tutorials. As well as talk about life, loves, interests, and faith, While adding value and inspiration to you the reader.

Even more important than that was to teach you. To empower you to explore new opportunities and stretch yourself in a fun way. Isn’t that what life should be about is fun?

Initially this was going to be about primitives, until I discovered I was liking pink a bit too much. Black frames were boring me and I wanted to surround my world with color.

Please don’t mis-interprate what I am saying. I still love, love, love my prims. I love mustard, rust, chipped & stained. Used and abused household goods. Tattered & torn textiles. Anything I can up-cycle and turn into something great.

A few years ago this started with the pink.  I like, really like pink! I know that scared me too. It started with a pink rubbery cover for my phone (so I could find it.) And then a pink case for my computer. New sandals in brown, teal and even a pink pair!  (Which sadly I worn them all out, Birkensteins!)

When someone asked me if pink was my favorite color – I was astonished! No, of course not. Green is my fav, only if it’s herby, earthy, mossy, avocado, just not bright.

Hum….  Where was I going to go from here? If you know me well, I write – a lot. Lists, thoughts, pros & cons. The one think that literally jumped out and knocked me over was the fact that I have been up cycling since high school – that’s the mid 1970’s! I turned my jeans into maxi skirts before it was the rage, lol. Now suddenly up-cycling has become  the rage, but I’ve never stopped. This blog now had the perfect very appropriate name.

In the meantime, Wow, I scared myself there for a moment. Actually a few weeks. I had to think about this sudden revelation.

Here I am turning 60, the age of discovery!!!  I’m embracing this year, this journey, and learning to live life as I never have before. This blog takes me outside my tiny little world. One step at a time. One post at a time.

I hope you will stop by often and find something amidst these pages that will encourage and inspire you to step out of your box. You will find as time goes on I teach as I share.

Perhaps, you stepped out of your comfort zone (box), can you share something you were able to conquer or achieve? Please leave a comment in the comment section. What you have to say could be what someone needs to hear.

Make this a great day and be blessed, Sheila