A Little Bit About This Blog’s Scribe, Welcome to Upcycled-Joy.

I’m Sheila.

Welcome to my newest adventure of blogging, living and loving life. My hope is that here you will be blessed and encouraged.

I created this blog to share the stories behind my creations, and share ideas and projects.  With the hopes of being interactive and offering Inspiration and hope.

My interests are broad & varied. I am a self-taught artisan, passionate about designing & creating things, sewing, cooking, along with a passion for Pinterest. I live in Florida, yet my heart is still in New England.

My heart skips a beat here and there when I come up with a new ideas, I’m never without a notepad, jotting down ideas and sketching new designs.

I believe in God, I’m Spirit filled, Jesus is my everything.

As a woman, I am ever evolving, changing, exploring, growing, challenging myself and following my dreams.

Here’s a few fun facts to get to know me….

Where I went to school, live, etc, has nothing at all to do with who I am. I hope some of these things will resonate with you. I actually had fun coming up with this list.

  • When I bought my first computer in 1997, I did not know how to type or turn it on. (True)
  • I love fresh flowers, the more fresh picked and natural looking the more I enjoy them.
  • I find it impossible to sit and watch TV, or a movie without my hands doing something.
  • Pinterest is my favorite relaxing pastime.
  • Once I made 17 different types of cookies at Christmas time and gave them away for gifts.
  • I long to take classes at the John C. Campbell School.
  • Starbucks coffee is the only coffee I drink. Espresso Blend, and an Americano are my favorite.

Now that the introduction is over, please come over to the blog posts. I hope you will “Like” them and leave a comment. Let’s get connected!