Getting Ready To Launch New Website

The excitement of launching my new website is about all I can think about. This is extremely exciting. As I type away my heart is racing.

Here’s quick preview of new designs that will be on the website.

Who remembers wearing those shoes?

I’m loving making these angels, there are more, every one is different.

Long Penny Rug Tower

Long Penny Rug Tower can be used all year.

Muted Plum Penny Rug

Muted Plum Penny Rug – Beautiful for spring


fullsizeoutput_15b8fullsizeoutput_15ddfullsizeoutput_15d0I hope you like what you see and enjoyed a little preview.

Today is filled with loading and editing images onto the website along with their descriptions. But first there is a dozen or so pincushions waiting to be measured and write descriptions.


Pleasant Dreams, Peace and Joy!

In Need Of A Bedtime Story

It’s late. Sleep in inevitable, but before that can happen I’m in need of an unwind from the tasks and thoughts of this day.

What works best for me is enjoying the many fantastic contributors on my Pinterest group boards along with some soft praise music in the background.

As the curator of group boards it’s essential that from time to time I look them over for two reasons.

  • In appreciation and respect to the contributors as well as those who enjoy looking at the boards – I need to weed out anything not in conformity of the topic
  • The second is a bit selfish – I thoroughly enjoy the variety of what has inspired the contributors to add wonderful pins!

Tonight I viewed and cleaned up several boards. When I reached The Glow of  Primitive Candles and Fireplaces and Antiques and Vintage I found myself grinning ear to ear. Having grown up surrounded by antiques and enjoying them my adult life, I couldn’t help but smile.

So many people appreciate, value and surround their homes with these beauties.


When you can’t sleep at night, perhaps a visit to Pinterest and things dear to your heart will relax you and bring back pleasant memories of times gone by.

Here’s some new pictures to add to the boards.

Pleasant dreams, peace and joy!

Now to figure out the links to Pinterest so you can visit and enjoy these amazing boards, which have many contributors on them.

Starting A Blog Can Be A Little Intimidating

While learning about blogs and blogging, Something that stood out loud and clear to me was the type of blog I did and did not want to have.

Since i’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist, I kept looking and not doing. Here I find myself, raw and naked to the land of blogging. Not quite sure what I’m doing. But I do know it will improve and hopefully sooner than later I will figure it all out.

My hopes for this blog are to share my love for all things creative, patterns, designs and products I create, introduce tutorials. As well as talk about life, loves, interests, and faith, While adding value and inspiration to you the reader.

Even more important than that was to teach you. To empower you to explore new opportunities and stretch yourself in a fun way. Isn’t that what life should be about is fun?

Initially this was going to be about primitives, until I discovered I was liking pink a bit too much. Black frames were boring me and I wanted to surround my world with color.

Please don’t mis-interprate what I am saying. I still love, love, love my prims. I love mustard, rust, chipped & stained. Used and abused household goods. Tattered & torn textiles. Anything I can up-cycle and turn into something great.

A few years ago this started with the pink.  I like, really like pink! I know that scared me too. It started with a pink rubbery cover for my phone (so I could find it.) And then a pink case for my computer. New sandals in brown, teal and even a pink pair!  (Which sadly I worn them all out, Birkensteins!)

When someone asked me if pink was my favorite color – I was astonished! No, of course not. Green is my fav, only if it’s herby, earthy, mossy, avocado, just not bright.

Hum….  Where was I going to go from here? If you know me well, I write – a lot. Lists, thoughts, pros & cons. The one think that literally jumped out and knocked me over was the fact that I have been up cycling since high school – that’s the mid 1970’s! I turned my jeans into maxi skirts before it was the rage, lol. Now suddenly up-cycling has become  the rage, but I’ve never stopped. This blog now had the perfect very appropriate name.

In the meantime, Wow, I scared myself there for a moment. Actually a few weeks. I had to think about this sudden revelation.

Here I am turning 60, the age of discovery!!!  I’m embracing this year, this journey, and learning to live life as I never have before. This blog takes me outside my tiny little world. One step at a time. One post at a time.

I hope you will stop by often and find something amidst these pages that will encourage and inspire you to step out of your box. You will find as time goes on I teach as I share.

Perhaps, you stepped out of your comfort zone (box), can you share something you were able to conquer or achieve? Please leave a comment in the comment section. What you have to say could be what someone needs to hear.

Make this a great day and be blessed, Sheila


Hunting For The Perfect Chair

Did I Overpay?

Throughout the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve been stitching and accumulating a ton of finished products ready to be photographed.

Here’s the problem. I was in need of certain props for photography. Particularly a chair. I had the perfect spot ready to place it.

The criteria was :

  • It had to be old, aged in appearance
  • Preferably made of wood
  • It had to have some character

It was an early Wednesday morning when we set out to one of our favorite thrift stores.

As I entered the store there was a lady standing in line with my chair! It was a worn out captain’s chair. It took everything inside me to not yell out, “Hey Lady that’s MY CHAIR.”

Instead I pushed my way through the crowd, which was very unusual for when we’d been here before. Through the showroom I went. Past the used furniture (one glance and my chair wasn’t there). Past the bookcases and out the backdoor.

Now I was in the area of where the “junk” was. Also known as hidden treasures. In the distance I could see black wood. As I got closer, there were 2 chairs stacked together! I couldn’t believe my eyes, with original rush seats.


As fast as I saw them they were in my hands. But no price. I had a price in my head and another price to justify the purchase.

Finally I spotted a salesman and asked for the price. His reply was,”I gotta ask him” – pointing a finger toward a tall man who must have been the Boss. He was busy with another customer who was purchasing far more than my 2 little chairs. Oh how I tried to not look anxious.

Just then he held up 2 fingers. In my mind I’m doing the happy dance, thinking it was $2.00 each. It was $2.00 for the pair!!!

I headed to the register with my purchase slip. Wednesday was senior day(which explained the crowds), and for the first time ever I qualified getting a 25% discount.

So now the chairs cost $1.50, or .75 cents each!


Needless to say I’m delighted with these chairs. They are too small to show the accurate size of things, but work great in primitive vignettes.

A couple weeks later I came across the style I was originally looking for. This beauty cost a mere $15.00. Under the seat it is dated 1950 with the style.



All of the chairs make my heart sing.  Do you think I overpaid?


Size Comparing



Make this a great day and be blessed, Sheila










What Handmade Means To Me

Throughout many many years I have met hundreds of crafters, artisans and creative people, from Maine to Florida to California, who have a deep desire and passion to create beautiful things.


Mama and her chicks. Made by Pat Croy.

I’ve cherished this family since approximately 1993, Made by Pat Croy

Raven by Pat Croy

This raven was made by Pay Croy. I believe it was made from marble dust, I have no idea how she made him.

Crow profile

Just love the dry corn around his neck.

Crow Profile

He appears to be made from a mold


Each and everyone has something in common. The desire to create something. It simply didn’t matter what medium they worked with. They took pride in what they were doing. It is a fulfilling feeling when pieces come together and something new and wonderful emerges.



This woven runner was made by Marilyn Krug. The barnyard animals are made from paper mache. Each is signed and dated by the artisan.

I know firsthand the struggles, the triumphs, the failures, and lessons learned. Maybe that could be why I appreciate the effort, blood, sweat and tears that have been woven into a finished project.

When something is handmade it comes with a story. An actual person is behind the object. It was not mass produced in a factory over seas. There are not thousands upon thousands of exact duplicates. It is unique. Perhaps the artisan made 50 of the same thing, it’s still handmade by a real person – not a machine.

Today I celebrate all my fellow artisans and crafters. Those I know, have met and yet to meet. I love the stories behind my treasured pieces and strive to have a story with many of my own creations.

I don’t know of a National Hug an Artisan Day, so let’s make everyday a day to celebrate all who Create and Inspire.



This painting holds extra sentimental value to me. This is the house my mother and uncle were born in. Someone painted this on this wooden plate about 70 years ago. The years have been good to it. The paint hasn’t lost it’s color while age has given the wood a beautiful patina that can’t be duplicated. The woven runner was also made by Marilyn Krug.

Do you have a favorite hand crafted item? Perhaps something you’ve made.

Please share it in the comments below – I’m looking forward to seeing your favorite creation and story behind it.

Make this a great day and be blessed, Sheila



Taking A Chance On Myself Transformation – Reinvention

Freedom, Security, Peace, Growth

Have you ever felt frustrated, irritated, disappointed and a whole bunch of other adjectives all at the same time?

Well I have had that unpleasant feeling for too long. And needed to do some investigating as to the source and what needed to be done. It basically revolved around life, insecurities and the dire need for perfectionism.

I had been letting life get in the way of my dreams, desires, passions, goals and so much more.

Spring in Ct - Things You don't See in FL 005

The long dreary road. Exactly how my spirit felt.

As for Life: Some things may or may not get better. I’ve been dealt some challenges that were overwhelming, which will be shared in an uplifting way in another post.

When I paused from life, I began to think about what was missing in my life. This is the time of year (originally written in Jan 2017) many create and plan new years resolutions, yet most fail.


When forsythia is in bloom, spring is certainly underway. It’s a time of rebirth, renewal and joy. A country road in Connecticut.

I can’t resolve anything until I took an honest look at my life.

When I did, I realized it was “JOY”. My life had become so routine and heavily stressed that I was sinking deeper and deeper into a dark place. Now It was imperative that I focus on me. On my future. What I wanted and needed to do with the years I have remaining.


The site and sound of of a running brook make me smile. I love the textures of nature. The shades of green. The moss on the rocks. I love to look at the pictures from back home in New England. They bring joy to my heart and smiles to my soul. I feel good. I feel happy. Looking into these pictures it’s the details that make this so special.

Antique Wagon Wheel

Just a wheel melded into nature – the perfect still life. Meandering down a path is relaxing. Listening to the sounds of nature, the breeze in your hair, the crunching under your feet. And then you discover a rusted and well used wagon wheel entwined in nature. (Sigh…)

Surely many can relate to putting family and loved ones first and at the end of the day, all you want to do is put your feet up and rest.

Ravens Thyme May 2010 077

Robin eggs – a sure sign of renewal

The question is, what happened to joy, how do I find it again. The more I focused on the things I loved – the ideas were like a waterfall, just flowing from my mind. It was wonderful!


Nothing like the smell of spring and the sound of rushing water. Somewhere in Connecticut.

Make this a great day and be blessed, Sheila

How Pinterest Saved My Life

Yes, it’s true, Pinterest did save me!

Let me back track a little bit. For the better part of the past 25 plus years of my life I had been surrounded by the things I love, the people I care about and used to do things with on a regular basis. I had perfected my craft. My work was known throughout the Prim community in Connecticut and surrounding area.

Autumn Open House at Tessier's, Changes of Thyme

Penny rug style wall hanging. Saltbox and Willow Tree

On any given day of the week I could roam through a prim shoppe, or hang out with my prim friends who shared the same interests. We would sit outside on the porch drinking coffee and I would stitch away while my friends would work in there gardens. Winters were spent by the fireplace.

CT & Apt 066

Sitting by the brook working on a wool journal cover. I’m loving the tansy and my feet in the cold water!


Stitching on the porch – what a view!

Weekends we would go to an outdoor flea market, plot our tag & barn sale ventures as we caroused up and down and around the winding back roads and later marvel at the treasures we had found.

It was wonderful!!!

Why on earth did I move to Florida???

Well I did, for now I am here making the best of it.

But honestly, if one more person asks me why my stuff looks so dirty. Or why I soak my stitcheries in coffee and dry them in the oven, I just may scream. Most definitely I am the odd one here.

Made me quite sad to be honest. But, I’m here, so I will make the best of it. Give it all I’ve got. I can sew. There’s a lot of things I can do. I just need to re-invent myself. Or so I thought. Long story short – it wasn’t working. I was just growing sadder and sadder.

And then one day about 3 years ago, I discovered Pinterest!

There were people out there, everywhere who had the same interests and likes as I did. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. On a daily basis I would discover more and more people, boards and interests the same as mine were. Quickly I became inspired. It wasn’t long before I picked up my embroidery and started to stitch again. All of the ideas and inspiration out there in pin-land slowly began to lift my spirits.

The more I saw, the more I became unsettled with myself. What I was doing was not enough for me.

I was returning to life again. The walls needed paint and they got it. I was feeling happier. My sewing machine came out of hibernation. It was humming a glad tune once again.

So yes, Pinterest really did save me! It stretched me. Encouraged me. I remember when I had my first few followers. How exciting that was. My boards have grown. I now have many group boards pertaining to varied interests. At the moment of typing this, over 34,000 followers. But the best part is, I have met some fantastic friends there!

Do you have an interesting Pinterest story or experience? Please leave a comment in the comment section. What you have to share could be what someone needs to hear.

Make this a great day and be blessed, Sheila