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The Joys of Up-cycling Antique and Vintage Goods with a Bit of Life’s Passions

Describing what I do has been difficult until now. There was a process of writing, soul-searching, creating lists as well as endless frustrations. For as long as I can recall I have been an avid “self-taught”creator . It seems almost every new craft that came along I had to give it a try. Some I mastered. Many were absolutely not compatible with me. But there was a common thread, which took years for me to realize, since I always followed my heart and created things I loved and made me happy.

The day arrived when my melancholy existence was even getting on my last nerve. Something needed to change fast. That would begin with me.

In somber silence I sat in the mist of boxes, piles and bags filled with treasures in my craft room. Absorbing everything around me. Asking myself questions. Why did I buy this or that. What was the idea behind it. Anything loud or unfitting was quickly donated.

Some things were total surprises. Other things I could recall exactly which thrift shop, yard sale, it followed me home and who was with me on that particular journey.

It was crystal clear that I love to challenge myself and create something new and different out of old stuff. For years I was obsessed with primitives and traditional handcrafts. Years before that I liked a bit of Country and even Victorian. Always passionate over antiques but never cutesy!

I didn’t want to be labeled and pigeon holed into a class that left me feeling stifled and suffocating in my own silence. The need to feel free, alive and energetic had become like oxygen. Coming into this self discovery was extremely empowering. My eyes have now been opened to new possibilities, and I was ready.

I found myself sketching again. Seeing differently. New goals for the new year, 2017. And the freedom to just have fun for the holiday season using up a ton of stuff that had taken over the craft room, bedroom and closets.
Upcycled-Joy will be a special place to share the process. The ideas. Goals and dreams in photography and script. Please come along for the journey and share your thoughts. This blog is something I’ve wanted to do for many years.
As a great friend of mine would say, “Let’s Go!”

About this photograph…
Everything was handmade by myself. All original designs. The stitcheries are hand stitched, frames are vintage or upcycled. The pillows are rag-filled. The make do bases consist of a silver plate antique child’s cup, vintage creamer, vintage ceramic shoe using brown vintage velvet. The sheep is hand sculpted paper mache. The mat he’s sitting on is all hand quilted. The penny rug is hand-stitched the traditional way using wool from a mill here in the USA.