Handmade Nostalgic

Many years ago I used to exhibit and sell my handmades in shops and craft shows. One of the most rewarding moments was seeing the smiles and hearing the sighs as both men and women would travel down memory lane.

Great Grandma’s Measuring Cup Turned into a Holiday arrangement with a vintage ornament

A Make Do/ Pin keep Collection all Vintage Bases


Hand Quilted Doll Quilt Resting on a Handmade Cradle

Hand Quilted Wall Hanging or Table Mat


Primitive Lady with Dresser Scarf apron

Antique Tiny Books dating back to approximately early – mid 1900’s. There is no date, they were printed by “Little Leather Library Corporation” New York. They have Christmas Greens tied with vintage seam binding and laces to make the perfect accessory to tuck into a Christmas Vignette.














Often people would share their stories with me. Sometimes with laughter. And sometimes with tears.

What a joy it is to reminisce over days gone by and experience that moment again – even if just for a few fleeting moments. It’s times like this that I cherish. They encourage my heart and spirit. I truly enjoy what I do. I have been creating for as long as I can remember. It is my passion.

Since so much has changed through the years, I needed a new way to connect, share my passion and bring my creations to you.

Perhaps you will find something that is calling you.

A make do, pillow or stitchery for a special place in your home or a sentimental verse just perfect for a loved one.

Let me share with you what I have to offer and where to find it.

Upcycled-joy.com is where you will find posts relative to the primitive subject matter including tutorials, how things are made, and more.  There will be posts relevant to Pinterest which was a pivotal turning point for me.

Here is where I step out of the box to share stories of encouragement and inspiration and a whole lot more.

I hope you will frequent this blog, It has been a lot of fun planning, writing and getting familiar with my camera.

This blog is also a place to connect with  a community of like minded people in the comments section.


Primitive Angel Tree Topper and ornies

One of a kind Angels, Remember playing in grandma’s buttons





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